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...duties explained
yacht crew duties explained

Yacht Crew Duties Explained

When you charter a yacht in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and throughout Southern California, you not only get a luxury cruising experience, you also get a knowledgeable group of talented staff who provide impeccable and attentive guest services to meet your every need. The yacht crew duties explained below provide just a glimpse of the responsibilities for your professional staff at sea, including:

  • Yacht Captain
  • Yacht Steward/ess
  • Deckhand
  • Chef

Yacht Captain Duties

Rely on the captain for the safety of all guests and crew aboard the yacht, including skilled navigation and operation of the vessel. Captains are well versed in safety codes and systems, drills and procedures, and have significant training and experience for your complete well-being and security. All crew aboard the vessel are under the captain’s command.

What a Yacht Steward (and Stewardess) Does

A yacht steward or stewardess provides top-notch personal service to make your cruise a truly lavish experience. The steward/ess makes arrangements for meals, beverages, activities, and provides hospitality service to guests aboard the yacht. A stewardess’ attention to detail for their interior responsibilities, including cleaning service and cabin preparation, ensures your cruise is spotless for an unmatched level of comfort.

What a Deckhand Does

A deckhand provides exterior cleaning and maintenance aboard the yacht, as well as performing deck operations such as maneuvering the boat, under the direction of the captain. Deckhands also assist the captain, operate tenders, and provide guest assistance with water toys.

Yacht Chef Responsibilities

Wondering what it’s like to be a chef on a boat? Chefs aboard a chartered luxury yacht are talented culinary experts who cater to every guest’s requests. Our chefs can easily accommodate a specific menu you have in mind for your party, vacation, or other event, as well as address any dietary concerns, such as allergies and food sensitivities.

Many of these yacht crew responsibilities overlap with jobs associated with yacht management. Nevertheless, the crews of the local community typically lend a hand to their colleagues anyway they can. Meet the crew and discover how the yacht crew duties explained here become a reality aboard your next luxury yacht charter cruise.

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