Yacht Charters vs. Yacht Rentals

Yacht Charter Vs. Yacht rental

Yacht Charter vs.  Yacht rental and the differences explained.


Deep Dive on the different types of yacht charters and yacht rentals.

By definition a yacht charter is: The practice of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. This is usually a vacation activity, but it can also be a corporate event or even an expedition.

Within yacht charters there are also different variations. These variations include:

  • Bareboat charter
  • Crewed Charters
  • Demise Charters
  • Skippered Charters
  • Cabin Charters

Bareboat Charters

Bareboat charters are the most common type of yacht charter and accepted as the traditional version of when you think of a yacht charter.

Typically, these charters are based on weekly charters however on larger yachts you will see them advertised as weekly. Most of these yachts will be found in the 85’ (28 meter) to 180’ (60 meter) plus mega yachts.

On a bareboat charter the yacht is ultimately in your possession for the term of the contract. This means the crew is advised to your request.You are responsible for all fuel used, provisions such as food and beverage, mooring fees and any cost not associated with the maintenance of the yacht or crew.

Typically, a charterer will have placed 30% on the charters cost into an escrow account for the duration of the charter. The remainder of the funds will then be returned to the charterer at the end of the charter.

Yachts in this range usually include at least three crew members always consisting on a Captain, Mate, Stewardess or Chef. Some of the amenities you can expect are a tender (small boat for the yacht) , jet ski or sea bob, sea kayaks or paddle boards and sometimes a hot tub.

In terms of layout expect to be able to sleep 6 to 8 guests.

Efficiency of Yacht Charter vs. traditional travel.

Some examples include an 85′ Yacht offered at $50,000 per week. The Amalfi coast is one of the hottest reasons for yacht charters and with the stunning waters and cliffside coves to explore I’m sure you can see why.

After all when you really break down a week’s vacation in luxury travel fashion on the Amalfi coast it may even be economical. Let’s speculate you have a family of 6 or even two couples who want to hit the hot spots in Southern Italy. If you want to spend a night or two in Amalfi or lets say genoa and lastly a few nights in Sicily.

When you factor in a luxury hotel such as the Famous Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea at $2,000 plus per night. You quickly sum up the cost comparison for a yacht charter verse luxury stay. An bonus is not checking in, out, meeting new staff or transferring luggage. With a yacht charter you are in control of your trip and can truly relax.

Let’s talk about pricing for the 85’ yacht range. 

85’ yachts are expected to charter from $50,000 per week up to $100,000 for the most luxurious.  Don’t shy away because of these figures. There are plenty of great yacht examples out there for charter at the $40,000 and below per week range.


  Moving up in the scale.

Mega yachts 100’ (33 meters) to 180’ (60m) typically commend pricing starting at $100,000 per week and moving to $400,000 per week plus. These yachts are typically chartered only on a weekly basis however smaller time periods can be found.

Amenities you can expect on these examples include: Tender, jet skis, hot tub, often a center console, toys such as kayaks and paddle boards, sometimes scuba gear, rarly offered below 130’ but often above 140’ a helipad.

What to expect on a mega yacht charter.

Crew expected on these yachts:

Crew of at least four consisting of Captain, Mate, Stewardess, chef and engineer.

Although Southern California Yachting does offer weekly charters in this range they are less common in California.

Examples of great charter yachts in this range for charter in California

Leight Star – 143’ Sun Coast

*Leight Star is offered for charter at $102,000 per week.

Surfrider – 108’ Westport

*Surfrider is offered for charter at $75,000 per week.

Harley G – 120’ Triple Deck

*Harley G is offered for charter at $90,000 per week.

Serenghiti – 120’ West Port

*Serenghiti is offered for charter at $120,000 per week.

Some well reputed charter yachts abroad include;

Ocean Club (ex- rockstar)

*Ocean Club charters from $230,000 per week.

Yacht Rola 47.5m (155.9ft)

*Yacht Rola charters from $175,000 per week.

Da Vinchi  163.71ft 49.9m

*Da Vinchi Charters from $160,000 per week.

Excellence V – 55M 180 FT

Excellence V is offered for charter from $695,000 per week.

Now for the really exciting a ultra opulent mega yachts.

These yachts 180’ (60 meter plus) and ultra-luxurious. Expect these yachts to start at $600,000 per week and can easily exceed one million plus per week.


These yachts are owned exclusively by billionaires and are typically staffed with 30 plus crew members. When it comes to amenities  the sky is the limit with these yachts. You can expect accommodations such as:

  • Multiple tenders
  • Helipads
  • Secondary yachts for shorter trips
  • Submarines
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Gyms
  • Saunas
  • Spas
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Dive gear
  • Jet skis
  • Sail boats
  • Wine rooms


Some Famous examples of these would be



*Alfa Nero charters between $750,000 and $1,000,000 seasonally.


*Aquila charters at $1,000,000 plus per week.




*Savannah charters at $1,000,000 plus per week.


Crewed Charters  

This is where you will see yacht rentals. Crewed charters typically last for one day and are traditionally 4, 8 or 12 hour days on the water. With these yacht rentals, there is typically a set fee and a security deposit.

Typical yacht rentals in Southern California include yachts from 40’ and move up to 143. Although for most yacht rentals you will typically see yachts from 55’ to 70’ as the expense is much less in terms of crew and fuel.

When it comes to crew expect at the minimum a captain. Typically, on our charters we will include a stewardess or mate at minimum. Yacht rentals are a great way to have an excellent day on the water with your friends or family at Catalina Island, Malibu or even the Channel Islands for some exploring.

Yacht Rental Pricing

Starting at $3,500 for a yacht rental. Our favorite yacht rentals from SoCal Yachting are:

Gravity – 85′ Azimut

Gravity is offered at $6,500 per day or $45,000 weekly.

Breathless – 72′ Princess




Breathless is offered from $8,500 per day.

Demised Charters

Demised charters in short are a version of a bareboat charter where one entity charters a vessel for a longer period. These can be as short as 24 hours however are rarely shorter than a month.

With this type of charter the charterer, usually a corporation or entity enters an agreement to lease the vessel for a time frame. The charterer must provide their own crew, insurance and voyage plan. The charterer is responsible for all maintenance and need of the vessel and the vessel must be returned in the same condition.

Demised Charters are used almost exclusively by petroleum, fisheries, transportation, shipping and research industry. Similar to a lease on aircraft, this typically is not carried out by an individual.

Skippered Charters


Skippered charters are typically exercised in sport fishing charters. These charters will come equipped with a flat fee for a day of fishing. This will mostly include all expense with the exception of food and gratuity.




Cabin Charters

Cabin charters an incredibly niche type of charter in which multiple parties split the cost to charter a yacht, much like a cruise ship on a smaller scale.Typically, each cabin is sold to an individual charterer or couple. All expenses are split between the different charterers. These charters offer a unique and low cost way to explore a region by boat or yacht.

For more info on Cabin Charters please visit are friends over at Offshore Outpost for more info.