Types of Yacht Charters & Yacht Rentals Explained

Types of Yacht Charters

Southern California Yachting offers multiple types of charters. Below we have made provided a brief breakdown of the yacht rentals we offer in California. We carry it all, from yachts that charter 3 hours to 2 weeks! Pricing will range from $3,500 to $120,000 per week.


Half Day Yacht Charters

A half day yacht charter consists of 4 hours. These are mostly done on yachts ranging from 40′ to 80′. Popular Destinations include Malibu, Palos Verdes and Harbor cruises. Pricing for 4 hour charters will range from $3,500 to $12,000. Crew for a a half day charter will consists of a captain and a deckhand or stewardess. Please note its often difficult to use the jet skis due to the short period of time.


Yacht rental Malibu

Full Day Yacht Charters

A full day yacht charter consists of 8 hours. Our most popular destination’s for these yachts are Catalina Island, Paradise Cove and Palos Verdes. Pricing for these yachts will range from $4,500 – $18,000 depending on your yacht. Crew on these size vessels will typically be a Captain, deckhand and stewardess. Some will even come with a private chef!

Day Yacht charter

Overnight Yacht Charters 

An overnight charter typically consists of a 24 hour period. Popular destinations include Catalina Island & the Channel Islands.  Depending on which yacht you select we can take up to 12 guests. Examples of good overnight yacht charters would include.

Term Charters 

Similar to a nightly charter a term charter simply means a multiple day excursion. Popular time frames are 2 nights for the weekend, 3 or 4 day charters to the channel islands. These yachts will typically be 85′ and above inside. Prices start at $9,500 per weekend range from there.

Weekly yacht charter

Weekly Charters 

Weekly charters are are very similar to nightly charters. These charters will consist of 7 consecutive 24 hour periods. Crew can consist anywhere from 3 members up to a full crew of 30+ members! Weekly charters range as far south as La Paz, Mexico and can charter up to Alaska.

la paz yacht charter

Production Charters

These types of charters are typically for movies, television series and other film. We utilize a larger network of private picture vessels to find the right yacht.

With these yacht charters bill on a 24 hour period due to the time to set up and break down the equipment. We also understand how to work with productions, marine coordinators and creatives that accompany these yacht rentals Los Angeles.

At Southern California Yachting we are able to work with almost any budget for your production yacht.


production yacht in Los Angeles

Scouting locations for video production shoots


Reach out to us today at  424-353-3185 to inquire on your yacht rental. Whether its a half day yacht rental in Los Angeles or a Weekly Bareboat Charter to Mexico we got it!