Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

The Pinnacle of Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

There are many different kinds of yacht rental in Los Angeles available. If you’ve gone online, you’ve seen that there are several that you can choose from. However, Southern California Yachting stands out from the rest. They have many so many great yachts available. Each can give you a different experience. Some are perfect for large parties, while others are the exact kind of yacht you want to have for a quiet evening with your beloved. The 120’ Tri-Deck is a special yacht, a truly exceptional watercraft.

The 120’ Tri-Deck Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

One of the first things people notice about this yacht rental in Los Angeles is its size. This is a large watercraft. It sleeps eight and has room for eight in the formal dining area. It’s available for a charter with up to twelve guests, so you can have a party on this yacht. It has everything you could want in terms of sleeping arrangements: a twin cabin, two double cabins and a full beam master suite. Better still, there are four crew members (who stay in two separate crew cabins). That means that there is someone to cater to your every whim and need.

Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

Great Los Angeles Yacht Rental

This Tri-Deck truly is the apex yacht rental in Los Angeles. It has all the amenities that you could ever want in a yacht. It has a complete theater room, so if you or your guests tire of the ocean, there’s still plenty for them to enjoy. With a Wave Runner, some of your guests can enjoy a personal watercraft beyond the yacht itself. And for when you want to eat, it has its own private chef. That means that you’re sure to have truly delicious meals on this incredible yacht.

Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles

The engines of this yacht rental in Los Angeles are two Caterpillar 1800 HP diesel engines. Combine that with the five thousand gallons of fuel, and these yacht charters can take you anywhere in Southern California. You can see go to Malibu or Catalina Island if you like, but with this yacht, you can explore all of Southern California. In fact, should you want to take your charter further, you can even take it into Mexico if you’d like. With you every nautical mile is the Captain, engineer, chef and even a stewardess. There’s nothing else like this yacht.

The Southern California Yachting

Of course, as great as the 120’ Tri-Deck is, it’s just one of the many great yacht rentals in Los Angeles options from Southern California Yachting. With a deep catalog of yachts to choose from, you will find the charter that will lead to special memories that will stand the test of time. If you know exactly what kind of yacht you want, or if you aren’t sure and are looking for some guidance, the friendly professionals at Southern California Yachting would love to hear from you. You can give them a call at (424) 353-3185  or sail on over to their website.