a yacht rental in Los angeles

Spend the Day on the Water with a Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a unique way to spend a special day coming up for you, a friend, or family member? Maybe you want something to do to let your business team, staff, associates, or clients know how important they are to you. Renting a hall, going to a spa, or having a special dinner out can be quite nice, but none of those things are the same as an experience can be out on a luxury boat. If you want to create a special experience people will always talk about, spend the day on the water with a yacht rental in Los Angeles from us at Southern California Yachting.

A Yacht for a Wedding or Birthday

Renting a yacht for a special birthday celebration can be a spectacular surprise for the birthday person and your guests. We can help arrange everything for you and choose the vessel that is just right for the number of guests you want to entertain. Our smaller yachts can be perfect for up to twelve guests, while larger ships can accommodate fifty guests. Holding your wedding and reception on a larger yacht will create an atmosphere that every guest will relish and enjoy. We can help you with arrangements for food, music, beverages, staff, and more.

a yacht rental in Los angeles

A Yacht rental in Los Angeles for a Business Experience

Choosing to spend the day on the water with a yacht rental in Los Angeles can be a perfect choice for your business needs as well. There is no better way to say thanks to special clients, business associates, vendors, or your team than by taking them out for the day to see the beautiful waters in the area and lavish in the luxury of a special ship. With all the amenities available, you can treat everyone to a wonderful day on the water.

A Top-Rate, Luxury Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

You too can enjoy a top-rated luxury yacht rental in Los Angeles when you come to us at Southern California Yachting. You can see some of the amazing ships we have as part of our fleet of private yacht rentals so you can choose the ship you would like for your excursion. Make use of our online contact form for more information, or call us at (310) 341-7961 to speak with us and reserve the yacht you would like for your day on the water.

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