Party Boat Rentals

Sleek Party Boat Rentals: Pricing & Technical Details

The definition of the word “sleek” is: “trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined.” That’s exactly what many of the yachts are that Southern California Yachting makes available for rental. The 68’ Azimut Express and the 55’ Marquis Power Yacht are some of the more popular yachts available. Each is perfect for a party with lots of friends or an intimate evening spent with those who matter most. One of the major reasons to choose  68’ Azimut Express should be that it has an excellent combination of luxury as well as speed. With twin diesel MT power plant engines, it has plenty of power and speed that you can race through the waves, if you’re so inclined. By that same token, it has other twins as well. In fact, it features twin master state rooms with twin guest rooms. So, your guests can enjoy the luxury while they take advantage of the speed: you can be in Malibu in an hour and Catalina Island in fewer than two.

Party Boat Rentals
The 68’s Azimut Express allows you to enjoy the water around your yacht as well. Like other yacht rental options in Los Angeles, it comes with a Jet Ski, so you aren’t just stuck on the yacht itself. Additionally, the captain can lower the hydraulic tweak swim platform. So, you and your guests can enjoy all the swimming you want as well. For the guests who don’t feel like swimming, there are multiple sunbeds available, too. You can swim in the early morning, then sunbathe for a bit, and get up refreshed and ready to enjoy your time in Malibu, Catalina or elsewhere.

The 55’ Marquis Power Yacht accommodates up to twelve guests. Between that, the three LCD TVs, the sea kayaks and the grill, this is the perfect watercraft for when you want a party yacht rental. When you want to party with the guys, or really blow off some steam, this boat can get the job done. It even has a washer and dryer, so you can party hard, and then have clean clothes for when it’s time to get off the yacht, too. The twin Volvo diesel engines makes sure that this yacht moves fast on the water, too.

The 120’ Tri-Deck Yacht

The 120’ Tri-Deck is a special yacht, a truly exceptional watercraft. It sleeps eight and has room for eight in the formal dining area. It’s available for a charter with up to twelve guests, so you can have a party on this yacht. It has everything you could want in terms of sleeping arrangements: a twin cabin, two double cabins and a full beam master suite. Better still, there are four crew members (who stay in two separate crew cabins). That means that there is someone to cater to your every whim and need.

Party Boat Rentals
This Tri-Deck truly is the apex when it comes to yacht rental. It has all the amenities that you could ever want in a yacht. It has a complete theater room, so if you or your guests tire of the ocean, there’s still plenty for them to enjoy. With a Wave Runner, some of your guests can enjoy a personal watercraft beyond the yacht itself. And for when you want to eat, it has its own private chef. That means that you’re sure to have truly delicious meals on this incredible yacht.

The engines of this yacht are two Caterpillar 1800 HP diesel engines. Combine that with the five thousand gallons of fuel, and these yacht charters can take you anywhere in Southern California. You can see go to Malibu or Catalina Island if you like, but with this yacht, you can explore all of Southern California. In fact, should you want to take your charter further, you can even take it into Mexico if you’d like. With you every nautical mile is the Captain, engineer, chef and even a stewardess. There’s nothing else like this yacht.

M/Y Leight Star Yacht Joins Southern California Charter Fleet

Combining unmatched performance with sumptuous cabins and amenities, the Leight Star Yact rivals any other luxury boat on the sea. That’s why we’re so pleased to add her to our fleet of yacht rentals in Los Angeles, San Diego and Newport Beach, California. She makes an excellent addition to our robust fleet of luxury yachts.

You’ll find all you expect and more aboard the Leight Star, a 143-foot vessel which is available for charters by the day, week or longer. Or, if you want to host a truly memorable event, celebration or party aboard the Leight Star, we’re happy to accommodate that as well. She can hold up to 120 guests for an experience they’ll never forget.

With so much space and amenities onboard, the LeightStarYacht was designed with socializing and entertaining in mind.

Read on to discover all this sophisticated yacht has to offer the discerning customer.

Party Boat Rentals

The Leight Star’s Luxurious Features

When you step onboard your Leight Star charter, you’ll find surroundings that are nothing short of epic. Her traditional design is nicely complemented with the contemporary details our clients expect of a yacht charter in Southern California.

The interior’s stonework, countertops and showers are made from marble, granite and semi-precious crystals. Burmese teak decks and interior cabinetry made from exotic woods like ebony, cocobolo, makore, mahogany are simply stunning. Even the bathroom sinks are crafted from copper for a timeless appeal.

Guests will feel enveloped in luxury and style while aboard your Leight Star charter. The ambiance exudes the sophistication and style your expect from a yachting experience.

Four Decks to Enjoy Aboard Your LeightStar Rental

Her shaded aft deck provides an exceptional spot for dining alfresco or just enjoying the ocean breezes while you chat with friends and family.

Leight Star’s helicopter landing pad can accept all range of helicopters from R44’s to the Agusta Westland AW109.

The sky lounge sundeck features a wrap-around leather sofa that welcomes 10 people comfortably. Your guests can also enjoy drinks from the sundeck’s bar or take a meal on the sundeck. Stretch out on the 60-foot sunbathing deck and when things get hot and you want to cool off, take a dip in the extra-large, 15-person Spa Pool. Or head up to the observation deck to see the panoramic view or a picture.

Use the mid deck for private dining, or transform it into a dance floor. Your guests will dance the night away on the Burmese teak floors to beats pounding from the ship’s cutting edge, ship wide sound system.

Lower down, an outdoor deck lends itself to customization of water-level dining. Complete with underwater LED lighting, heat and music, you can easily create just the right atmosphere for a memorable meal.

Party Boat Rentals

The LeightStarYacht’s Accommodations

The master stateroom on the main deck forward features a king-sized bed, his and her cedar closets and a luxurious master bath complete with heated marble floors. Watch the 25’’ flat screen television while soaking in your private spa tub. Relax by the ensuite fireplace and, if necessary, find all functionality you need in the adjoining office.

Have a big family, lots of friends or a staff to accommodate? Three cabins below and amidships feature double beds and the fourth offers twin bunks. Each is outfitted with a 25-inch television and an ensuite bath.

Your guests will also find space to stretch their legs in comfort in this super yacht’s common areas. A formal dining room seats 10 people comfortably, and the adjacent salon has ample seating and a state-of-the-art entertainment center.

Want to get some exercise? The on board gym features top-of-the-line equipment, a 50-inch television and a steam room in the adjoining bath.

Performance and Specifications

Party Boat Rentals

Built in 1984, the Leightstar underwent a complete overhaul in 2009. Along with an all new interior, she received new Detroit main engines, generators, electrical systems, air conditioners, hydraulic systems and a new fuel system

With a top speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots, she has a range of 4,700 nautical miles. Additionally, she is equipped with features like:

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Satellite Phone.
  • Speakercraft shipwide stereo.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • NAIAD hydraulic anti-roll stabilizer system.
  • Extensive safety equipment like buoys, fire extinguishers and hydrants, navigational, anchor and search lights and smoke alarms in every room.
  • 2 ZODIAC 20-person canister survival rafts with rations.

The LeightStarYacht also has a helicopter landing pad which can accommodate up to Agusta A109S. An 18-foot tender is also available for off-ship excursions.

Leightstar cost begins at $9,000 a day and the price could increase based on the services you request.

How Much does it Cost to Fuel a Yacht?

One of the most commonly asked questions about chartering a luxury yacht is “How much does it cost to fuel a yacht?” Truth be told, it’s actually not a daunting expense to gas up for a few hours, day, or a beautiful week at sea.

Party Boat Rentals

Yacht gas prices will vary, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Vessel size – a smaller yacht for an intimate party with friends or afternoon cruise with family will require less fuel than a bigger vessel that accommodates a larger event.
  • Distance of your charter experience – consider the fuel requirements necessary for a sunset cruise for a few hours versus an extended trip visiting multiple destinations, such as Newport Beach, Catalina Island, or Malibu.
  • Speed – how fast the yacht travels is a factor in calculating fuel rate, with less fuel being burned at typical cruising speed.
  • Weather – conditions such as wind and currents will also impact engine fuel consumption.
  • Oil prices – yacht gas prices are a reflection of the current oil prices, so the cost to fill up a yacht with gas fluctuates.

Calculating Fuel Consumption for Yacht Charters

How is fuel consumption calculated with yacht charters? While the cost of fuel for a yacht rental will vary, depending on the factors listed above, a good rule of thumb is to typically estimate between 10% and 40% of the charter price. This is only an estimate, however, but should provide a ballpark idea of what to expect.

Party Boat Rentals

Plan Your Rental in Advance

While you may get the urge for your trip and want to just pack up and go that same day, the reality of renting a yacht can be much different. It makes more sense to give yourself time to plan a trip well in advance so you can be sure you get just the vessel you want for the trip. Choosing months ahead of time allows you to arrange everything properly so you have your date selected, the length of your excursion, the people invited, the crew in place, and more.

Southern California Yachting offers luxury yacht rental in Los Angeles, San Diego and Newport Beach. We have a large fleet of yachts you can select from, so you get the accommodations and amenities you want most for your trip. Read all about us at our Yelp page and check out our client’s reviews. You can then contact us using the contact form here on our site, and a representative will get back to you right away so you can finally take that dream day on the water. You can also call us at (310) 341-7961.