sleek Los Angeles yacht rental

Sleek Los Angeles Yacht Rental

The definition of the word “sleek” is: “trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined.” That’s exactly what many of the yachts are that Southern California Yachting makes available for rental. When it comes to sleek Los Angeles yacht rental, they can’t be beat. However, the 68’ Azimut Express and the 55’ Marquis Power Yacht are some of the more popular yachts available. Each is perfect for a party with lots of friends or an intimate evening spent with those who matter most.

Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles: 68’ Azimut Express

There are many reasons that, when you’re looking for a Los Angeles yacht rental, you should look to the 68’ Azimut Express. One of the major reasons should be that it has an excellent combination of luxury as well as speed. With twin diesel MT powerplant engines, it has plenty of power and speed that you can race through the waves, if you’re so inclined. By that same token, it has other twins as well. In fact, it features twin master state rooms with twin guest rooms. So, your guests can enjoy the luxury while they take advantage of the speed: you can be in Malibu in an hour and Catalina Island in fewer than two.

Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles that’s Sleek

The 68’s Azimut Express allows you to enjoy the water around your yacht as well. Like other Los Angeles yacht rental options, it comes with a Jet Ski, so you aren’t just stuck on the yacht itself. Additionally, the captain can lower the hydraulic tweak swim platform. So, you and your guests can enjoy all the swimming you want as well. For the guests who don’t feel like swimming, there are multiple sun beds available, too. You can swim in the early morning, then sunbathe for a bit, and get up refreshed and ready to enjoy your time in Malibu, Catalina or elsewhere.

sleek Los Angeles yacht rental

Yacht Party Rentals

The 55’ Marquis Power Yacht accommodates up to twelve guests. Between that, the three LCD TVs, the sea kayaks and the grill, this is the perfect watercraft for when you want a Los Angeles yacht rental for a party. When you want to party with the guys, or really blow off some steam, this boat can get the job done. It even has a washer and dryer, so you can party hard, and then have clean clothes for when it’s time to get off the yacht, too. The twin Volvo diesel engines makes sure that this yacht moves fast on the water, too.

Southern California Yachting

Those are just a few of the yachts available for rent from Southern California Yachting. They have so many more available. No matter what kind of gathering you want to have, there’s a yacht available that will be perfect for when you want to make the kinds of memories that last a lifetime. If you aren’t sure which yacht is right for your gathering, the employees of Southern California Yachting are happy to sit down with you and help. To find the right Los Angeles yacht rental for you, call them at (424)353-3185.