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We invite you take a tour, cruise the harbor and experience San Diego in a different style. Our Yacht rentals in San Diego allows for a large selection of 3 to 9 yachts. The San Diego fleet offers options of beautiful sport yachts, luxury vessels, expeditions, and power yachts. The availability of the Yachts rotate during the season, be sure to contact us right away to begin the planning of your yacht reservation.

San Diego Yacht Rental

San Diego is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun, the surf – and get out on the sea. Chartering (or renting) a yacht gives you a fantastic opportunity to make memories, explore adventures, and have a great time with family, friends, and colleagues. 

But before you start browsing for a yacht charter in San Diego, do you really know what you’re looking for? Why a yacht, what kind of yacht, and what special options do you have? Here we’ve broken down the complete buyer’s guide – so you can choose the right vessel for your adventure.

Why Charter a Yacht, and What Are Their Benefits Over Other Vessels?

What are you really getting out of a yacht? Since they are luxury vessels, and are priced as such, wouldn’t it be easier to choose another type of boat? On the contrary, when lined up against different options, they quickly become the more sensible for what they offer. 

Out of This World Vacation

Hardly needing explanation, chartering a yacht for your vacation makes the world your oyster. Depending on the size of the vessel, you can have a luxury experience complete with dance halls, cocktail bars, areas for relaxation and sport, and not to mention all the other machines for water sports you can enjoy. Even a small yacht gives you full control over your course, allowing you to stop at any ports along the way and enjoy beautiful island getaways, exotic coastal towns, or even just head out into open sea to enjoy the ocean, the freedom, and all the luxuries within. 

Fantastic Corporate Events

Though a less common use of the vessel, you can charter a yacht for corporate events. A yacht serves as an extremely ritzy venue, allowing you or your business to project wealth, success, and good taste. If you take up with a yacht charter in San Diego that offers crewed options, you can sit back and relax in the lap of luxury as they cater to all the needs of your guests and the vessel.

Better Than Cruise Ships

Yachts have a number of advantages over cruise ships, should you choose the great open sea as a way to explore the world. Among them are not only comfort, but health and much more confidence in your schedule. 

Since cruise ships host so many people – some crowds so large that they outnumber the native populations of the Caribbean islands they visit – you’re open to a range of accidents, sicknesses, and other mishaps. Having your cruise ship become a “sick boat,” quarantined at sea when a random outbreak happens on board, could turn a fantastic vacation into a stagnated nightmare.

With a yacht, it’s only you and your family, friends, or guests. You choose the food – so it’s guaranteed as quality – you choose the company, and you choose the course, taking as much time at each stop as you please. You’re calling the shots to create the best vacation or event you’d like. 

Size Matters

Sure, you could charter a smaller boat or something less luxurious, but what yachts offer most of all is their size. This allows you to host larger parties or events, as well as ensure you won’t be cramped for space after a few weeks on the seas. Additionally, their luxury amenities often make them the equivalent of a floating hotel, catering to all your needs and wants as more than just a vessel, but a luxury home. 

What Are Your Plans? The Best Yacht for the Job

So when it comes to finding a yacht charter in San Diego and starting the browsing process, what should you look for? Rather than picking a yacht at random, here’s a breakdown of the kind of yachts available – and how they can suit your unique plans. 

San Diego yacht rental

Bareboat vs. Crewed

First things first, it’s important to understand if you’d like your yacht to come with a crew – or if you’d like to fly solo. Of course crews will add to the cost of chartering the yacht, and you will lack privacy on your amazing adventures. Just want it to be you and the family? You and your friends? Then you’ll need to seek a smaller yacht, which doesn’t require such a large crew to operate. On the flipside, if you’re interested in those helping hands or are intending to host a large number of guests, you’ll need the space and you’ll need the crew. 

Sail vs. Motor

When it comes to choosing a yacht that is equipped with a motor or a sail, it’s a question of power versus grace, convenienceversusauthenticity, and comfort versus adventure. 

Sail yachts are obviously more beautiful to look at. They’re typically smaller with fewer cabins and fewer luxuries, but their focus on simplicity and a shared-space style means they’re great for family vacations where being close together is part of the fun.They have fewer toys and mods, such as Jacuzzis, though some models will, and they require involvement – which really boosts the spirit of adventure. 

For a motor yacht, you can count on more space and, of course, less effort. No having to manage the sails and you’re guaranteed speed in a pinch, without much training or experience required. These are best for corporate entertainment or events, or when you have a very structured plan for your vacation and need to keep to timetables. They also offer the most mods, such as diving centers, helicopter pads, jet skis, and the like, making them a luxurious vacation option, though not an authentic one.

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts are the ultimate craft of comfort, measuring between 98 and 131 feet in length. These come with a vast range of amenities, need to be crewed, and are excellent for large scale parties as well as long-term vacations. To give you an example of what they’re capable of, we’ll look at the 113ft Dragos Motor Yacht, available exclusively in San Diego. It’s motor powered and has six luxury cabins that will fit up to twelve people more than comfortably. It reaches 27 MPH cruising speed, 34 MPH max speed, which is fast for its size. Having a full kitchen, two VIP rooms, and a jet ski – this yacht was made for a vacation or a day trip out on the waves.


Superyachts are one down in the size, offering extreme luxury at a minimum of 78 feet. These usually come with fewer rooms, of course, and are well suited for small team-building events for a corporation or for a large number of friends on a vacation. These are the favored size for sails, and are still large enough to hold a helicopter pad along with several other mods. 


While it is a matter of opinion, in most cases a boat that reaches over 40 feet in length is considered a yacht. These smaller variants are perfect for a smaller adventures, especially if you choose the sail option. However, if you’re hosting a shore-side party, the cabin can usually hold from 12-14 standing people, or 8-10 sitting people. These are the easiest of all the options to manage without a crew, and of course are the least costly option.