Rent a Yacht

Rent a Yacht for Fun or Business

For many people, the reason they would rent a yacht would be to have a really great party. Some of them have live DJs, widescreen TVs, karaoke and so much more can make a night out on the water the party that your friends will be talking about all summer long. One of the more popular reasons to rent a yacht is for a birthday charter. You can also throw a birthday yacht charter for someone else as a surprise. Imagine the look on the face of someone close to you when you tell them you’re having their birthday on a yacht!

Rent a Yacht

The Number of People on the Yacht

Before you rush out and agree to a rental, it is a good idea for you to think about where you are traveling to and how many people you will have going with you. You may just want to go out for the day with a group of twenty-five of your closest friends, or you may plan on taking a long trip with your immediate family. Knowing how many people you are traveling with can help determine what size of boat will be best for your needs so you can narrow down your selection.

Planning the Ultimate Yacht Party

Planning a party aboard a yacht is a lot like arranging an event on land, with some extra considerations:

  • Guest list – determine the number of guests you’ll invite to estimate the yacht size you will need to comfortably accommodate everyone.
  • Menu and drinks – will you need appetizers, a five course meal, or just desserts? Are you planning to have a bar service for beer, wine, champagne, and cocktails?
  • Destination – whether it’s a sunset cruise in Marina del Rey with cocktails or an extended cruise to enjoy the amazing views off the coast of California, we can work with you to meet every need and request.
  • Entertainment – will you need background mood music playing softly or a DJ to pump up the guests and get everyone dancing?

Rent a Yacht

A Yacht for a Wedding or Birthday

Renting a yacht for a special birthday celebration can be a spectacular surprise for the birthday person and your guests. We can help arrange everything for you and choose the vessel that is just right for the number of guests you want to entertain. Our smaller yachts can be perfect for up to twelve guests, while larger ships can accommodate fifty guests. Holding your wedding and reception on a larger yacht will create an atmosphere that every guest will relish and enjoy. We can help you with arrangements for food, music, beverages, staff, and more.

A Yacht rental for a Business Experience

Choosing to spend the day on the water with a yacht can be a perfect choice for your business needs as well. There is no better way to say thanks to special clients, business associates, vendors, or your team than by taking them out for the day to see the beautiful waters in the area and lavish in the luxury of a special ship. With all the amenities available, you can treat everyone to a wonderful day on the water.

You can choose rentals that will give you access to wonderful staff so you can have meals cooked by a highly-trained chef or drinks served by an expert bartender and staff while you and your family and friends enjoy the sun on one of the decks of your ship. You will also find ships with amenities like hot tubs, dance floors, top-line sound systems, jet skis, fishing tenders, and much more.

Rent a Yacht
Get the Perfect Shots with a Yacht Rental Service

In LA, there are plenty of places for you to film and have photo shoots, but once you move outside of the city it can be hard to find the perfect location. If you are filming the water scenes of a movie, or want to stage a high-end photo shoot, then a yacht rental option could be the perfect choice for you. We can provide you with a variety of different vessels which are all very photogenic, and can give you the perfect backdrop to your film or photographs.

Rent a Yacht
Budgeting and Production

Southern California Yachting aims to please all creative producers, working with a variety of different budgets to suit the demands of your timetable. We typically run a yacht charter which bills 24-hour periods, as it can take time to set up your equipment and then break it down at the end of the day. However, we are experienced in working with marine productions and creative endeavors, so we will be able to help you with your work when you hire out one of our luxury yachts. We can also provide location opportunities for your production, so that you don’t have to research locations on your own.

Scout Locations with a Yacht Charter

Location is key when it comes to identifying the picture-perfect destination for your next shoot. If you’re looking to do some legwork first and scout locations, our yacht charters in Los Angeles and Orange County will undoubtedly supply the ideal sun-drenched body of water or land for your project.

Ask yourself the following questions to hash out your ideal production yacht Los Angeles specs:

  • Backdrop/destination – will your shoot work best with harbor, marina, skyline, coastline, beach, island, or open water views?
  • Time of day – most of our crews have relied on the early morning light for shoots, but we can accommodate all times of day—from dusk till dawn or all night long.
  • Yacht size – when you shoot your video on a yacht, how much space do you need to accommodate production crew, actors/models, and equipment? We have yachts ranging in size from a 46ft Regal Sport
  • Coupe all the way up to a 143ft Leight Star.
  • Budget – what is your production shoot’s budget? Review How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht to better understand the costs involved for your Los Angeles yacht rental.
  • Amenities – we help to feed your cast and crew and get them any special request they need, which is always welcome during a marathon shoot!

Rent a Yacht

Mini Term Yacht Charters

When you’re short on time, but in need of a luxurious getaway, consider mini term yacht charters on the West Coast for the perfect escape. Whether it’s a weekend getaway for the family, a casual hang with friends or colleagues, or a romantic cruise with that special someone, West Coast mini term yacht charters can fit the bill. A short term yacht rental offers all of the benefits of a longer cruise when you don’t have the availability.

Rent a Yacht

Mini term yacht rentals for two, three, four or five days still affords you the time to explore the less traveled islands, like the unspoiled beauty of the Channel Islands, or tour California’s picturesque coastline.

With a mini term yacht charter on the West Coast, you’ll experience all the enjoyment of a week-long cruise, despite the shorter time frame, including:

  • Luxurious accommodations that rival any five-star hotel.
  • Delicious meals prepared to your specifications by your private chef.
  • Gorgeous destinations, such as the magnificent landscape of Catalina, where there’s no shortage of sightseeing and exploring to be done, or the endless number of things to see and do in scenic Ensenada in Baja, California.
  • A professional and attentive crew that caters to your needs and requests for a truly pampered experience.
  • Activities to fill your days…or, if you prefer, there’s always the option to take advantage of some well deserved rest and relaxation in total luxury.