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Are you researching the ideal backdrop for your next production shoot? We can help you choose from a fleet of gorgeous production yachts in LA and set sail for an amazing shoot, whether it’s for a few hours or an extended project. We have a diverse fleet of yachts to choose from, all set to accommodate the demands of your crew and shooting schedule.

Scout Locations with a Yacht Charter in Los Angeles
Location is key when it comes to identifying the picture-perfect destination for your next shoot. If you’re looking to do some legwork first and scout locations, our yacht charters in Los Angeles and Orange County will undoubtedly supply the ideal sun-drenched body of water or land for your project.

Southern California Yachting’s professional captains and crew have extensive experience cruising to beautiful locations along the gorgeous coastline, whether it’s Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, or Long Beach. They have been on location with countless film and video crews in the past, so will have a greater understanding of the way things work on a production shoot.

production yacht in Los Angeles

Scouting locations for video production shoots

Ask yourself the following questions to hash out your ideal production yacht Los Angeles specs:

  • Backdrop/destination – will your shoot work best with harbor, marina, skyline, coastline, beach, island, or open water views?
  • Time of day – most of our crews have relied on the early morning light for shoots, but we can accommodate all times of day—from dusk till dawn or all night long.
  • Yacht size – when you shoot your video on a yacht, how much space do you need to accommodate production crew, actors/models, and equipment? We have yachts ranging in size from a 46ft Regal Sport 
    Coupe all the way up to a 143ft Leight Star.
  • Budget – what is your production shoot’s budget? Review How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht to better understand the costs involved for your Los Angeles yacht rental.
  • Amenities – we help to feed your cast and crew and get them any special request they need, which is always welcome during a marathon shoot!

Jot down your answers and contact us so we can recommend the best production yachts to charter from our Los Angeles fleet. We can then work with you to custom-tailor all specs so you can capture the exact setting you need for your video or film.

Video Shoots: Yacht Charter Los Angeles Options

With the ocean and sunny skies setting the scene, a luxury yacht with a full range of amenities can be your perfect floating production set for a day of work at sea. Travel to a variety of LA area locations or cruise to other visually stunning destinations, such as Catalina Island or any of the Channel Islands, or claim a remote spot on the Malibu coastline.

Scoping out production yachts in LA for your next film or photo shoot, TV project, music video, or commercial shoot is a no-brainer. We know how easy it is to shoot way over-budget on the water (remember Water World?), so let us help you keep your basic costs down.

Get started by reviewing our luxury fleet available for rent, then call Southern California Yachting at 310-774-1051 to discuss your specific needs.

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