143′ Sun Coast – Leight Star

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The luxurious Sun Coast yacht, Leight Star, is a modern yet sophisticated vessel with no detail left untouched. With 143 feet of contemporary external lines, four levels of spacious deck space, modern luxury interior and a professional crew at the ready and available, she is without a doubt, a gem among the Los Angeles yacht charters.

Designed partly in Burmese teak and offering seemingly endless deck space, the Leightstar built by Sun Coast Marine may bring you one step closer to paradise.  The lower outdoor deck offers water level dining with underwater LED lights and heat and music can be fine-tuned to enhance ambiance. The mid deck can be used for private dining and is easily transformed into a Burmese teak dance floor with cutting edge surround sound and acoustics. The upper deck accommodates nearly 60 feet of private sunbathing area, a bar, Jacuzzi, and helicopter access. Up in the observation tower, enjoy panoramic views or kick it with your special friend for a romantic sunset-watching vantage point.

The completely custom interior of Sun Coast yacht is nothing short of epic. It is comprised of a traditional design with contemporary details built from exotic wood including ebony, cocobolo, makore, mahogany and cherry. The stonework of the Sun Coast yacht is exquisite, showers and countertops are made of semiprecious crystal, marble and granite, which further satisfies your guests with the most refined eye for detail.

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If you are a cruiser and you have not yet set foot on the Leight star sun coast yacht you have not encountered luxury and sophistication. This modern sea vessel leaves nothing to the imagination. Every single detail is perfectly laid out. It is impeccably finished and furnished leaving no single detail untouched. This beautiful sea navigator has one hundred and forty-three feet of contemporary external lines, spacious deck space of up to four levels, luxurious and modern interior décor as well as standby professional crew that are readily available to attend to you at your beck and call. 

This bold creation gives a new meaning to yacht luxury. Without a single doubt, this Leight Star yacht company owned beauty is an incomparable gem that will transform your cruising from just another trip into a delightful experience. This Leight Star, that has parts of it designed in the exotic and precious rich gold-brown colored Burmese teak wood, is a proud handy work of the sun coast marine.

Not only does this yacht have endless space on all the four decks, it also gives you an unforgettable experience that is one step away from paradise. It has a lower deck that has a dining room that is on the water level. Underwater LED lights have been incorporated in the dining set to lighten up and add a dash of color to the ambiance and anyone who cares to dine there has the option of choosing a genre of music that interests them to match this beautiful scene. 

With the aid of these underwater led lights, this dining room enables you to enjoy the beautifully astounding view of the water creatures as they criss-cross through the sea while you dig into your sumptuous meal and listen to the accompanying music in the background. The meals and drinks are prepared by well trained and highly vetted chefs and bartenders whose main aims are to make indulge in as many cuisines as possible. As you can see this one is a definite show stopper, a sight to behold that anyone cruising on this yacht should get to experience. The mid deck of this amazing Leight Star yacht company product can be used for multiple purposes. 

One can use it to conduct private meetings of various kinds. These can range from business meetings to dinners as well as Galas. Only your imagination can limit you to a number of meetings and events you can possibly in this room. With the help of an experienced and professional decorator, it can also instantly transform from a serious business meeting room into Burmese teak dance floor topped up with the most advanced acoustics and sound equipment.

The top deck of this yacht is the icing on top of the cake. It has a private sunbathing area that covers up to sixty feet worth of space, a refreshment bar that never runs out of drinks, a Jacuzzi that comes in handy at night or when the weather changes and you want to have a good time outside without having to cover yourself up in layers of clothes to keep away the cold and a helipad that allows you and your guests to jet in and out of the Leight Star yacht at your own convenience. 

The observation tower is not left out as well. On a clear day, you have the privilege of seeing the expansive scenery of both the sea and the sky. Any spot on this yacht is a haven that should be explored by anyone who knows the joys of sea exploration. The use of extremely decorative and perfectly functional material has been employed to create an elegant yet comfortable interior and you can be assured that quality has not been compromised.

Love, at first sight, cannot begin to explain the feeling you experience once you see the custom designed interior of the Leight Star Yacht. You would probably need a moment to take in the beautiful interior design work. It is a perfect blend of traditional design and with contemporary details created from a combination of exotic wood including the dense and dark ebony, the colorful cocobolo, a dash of the rot and insect resistance makore wood, the famous mahogany and cherry to top the icing on the cake. 

With this kind of mastery in the art of seduction, sun coast yacht os bound to be a travel favorite among sea voyagers. The exquisite artwork of the showers is made up of semi-precious crystal, marble, and granite. This is definitely a sight to behold, especially for the guests who have a keen eye for detail. All the countertops are also made of the same stones. 

A single step into one of these exquisitely furnished rooms could be your first view of earth paradise. It has the perfect balance of the shape and size and it gives you a new and different way of spending time with family, friends and even works mates. Safety measures have been put up to ensure your children do not fall off the yacht while on a cruise. A detachable railing can be put up or disassembled depending on the audience traveling on it.

It is satisfying to the eye in regards to the detail that goes into the final touches. It oozes class and speaks of a lifestyle that is only seen on Instagram photos. Anyone who has an eye for decorating will definitely acknowledge the fact that time, a lot of it, and expertise was taken to accomplish such a grand yacht, made by such a grand yacht company. Come and make unforgettable memories right here on this yacht.

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From: $12,000.00

Pay a deposit of $3,500.00 per item
  • Master and four guest suites
  • Twin Yamaha – 3 Seater Jet Skis
  • Helicopter-deck (accommodates up to Agusta A109S)
  • 16 Person Jacuzzi
  • Private Chef Complimentary
  • Paddle Boards
  • SeaKayaks
  • Gym/Steam Room
  • Full Galley
  • Master and Four Guest Suites