private yacht charters in los angeles

The Cost of Private Yacht Charters in Los Angeles

You may have always wanted to spend a holiday on a private yacht, spending sunny days staring out into a beautiful ocean, or watching for wildlife as it moves along the coast. If you want to sample a little bit of that lifestyle, then you might be considering hiring out a private yacht. The only thing that could be holding you back is the question of how much private yacht charters in Los Angeles would cost. Finding out more about the type of charter you want, and the size of the vessel you will need, can help you to be clear about whether this is something to explore further.

Charters for Businesses

The most common type of Los Angeles yacht charters are those dealing with businesses. They might be chartering a yacht in order to host a big company event, or to woo a new client. Businesses can also operate by hiring out yachts and then hosting events on them such as weddings or holiday events. With businesses, it is more likely that yacht will be larger, and that there will need to be additional crews and add-ons included with the original price of the yacht.

private yacht charters in los angeles

Chartering For Vacations

If you are interested in renting out a yacht for a brief period of time, such as a vacation, then you may be able to work out the costs more closely. A one-off rental can allow you to spend time with friends exploring LA and the wider California coast. With a family, it is likely that your vessel size will be smaller, and this will make it more affordable. You can discuss your needs with us in order to find out exactly what you would expect to pay for a day or a week charter on a yacht.

Finding the Best Prices for Private Yacht Charters in Los Angeles

When you are searching for private yacht charters in Los Angeles, then Southern California Yachting can provide you with a large number of different size vessels, depending upon your needs and how much you are prepared to spend. We offer great prices on all our yachts, so you can pick one which best suits your purposes. Whether you are looking to hire out a small vessel for a trip around the coast, or want a large yacht for a business event, we can find you the best yacht available. Reach out to our team by calling (310) 774-1051 today.