Paradise Cove – Malibu

Maintaining a welcoming atmosphere while being neighbored by multi-million dollar beachfront estates,  Paradise Cove is the preferred place for Marina del Rey to Malibu yacht charters to drop anchor. The perfect blend of exclusivity and access, Paradise Cove offers passengers a beautiful backdrop for adventure, celebrations, or simply having a good time.

Access to this Cove from Marina Del Rey can be as little as 45 minutes on a yacht such as Breathless.


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Centrally located just a few miles northeast of Point Dume, Paradise Cove gives Malibu yacht rental passengers a chance to easily embark towards the best this beachfront community has to offer. And as many people come to find out, some of the best Malibu has to offer is right there in the cove itself.
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The Story of Paradise Cove


During the first half of the 20th century, while much of the Malibu coastline developed into the ultra-exclusive community we know today, Paradise Cove remained relatively untouched. When developers finally set their sights on this stretch of beach in the 1950s, the target inhabitants were fishermen. Rather than mansions and manors, the land was modified and zoned to make way for trailers and campers. In the 1970s, the bluffs above the beach were developed to make way for further prefab housing.


Passengers standing on the deck of their Marina del Rey boat rental anchored off the coast of Malibu can easily spot the distinction between Paradise Cove and the neighboring coastlines. Mile after mile of Malibu coastline is capped and pressed by some of the most monumental real estate the LA region has to offer. Paradise Cove, on the other hand, is backed by cozy cottage-like housing. It’s a testament to the cove’s enduring status as an unassuming yet unforgettable LA yacht charter destination.


Things to Do in Paradise Cove

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Whether it’s a one day escape from the big city or a weekend spent exploring the Malibu coast, Paradise Cove has something to offer passengers onboard a Marina del Rey yacht rental. While the luxury accommodations of the chartered yacht might be hard to part with for awhile, the allure of the cove is equally difficult to pass up.




The Malibu coastline is world famous for the excellent surf. Paradise Cove is no exception, with surfers frequently spotted by passengers of a Los Angeles yacht rental making its way towards shore. Waveriders watching enviously from the deck are welcome to put their own skills to the test.


Scuba Diving


The waters of Paradise Cove are teeming with life ready to be explored by divers. A Los Angeles yacht rental anchored in the cove serves as an excellent means of zeroing in on the best dive spots east and west of the Paradise Cove Pier. The waters west of the pier are particularly noteworthy for the reef structure and surrounding kelp forests.


Jet Skiing


Few experiences compare to the thrill of opening up the throttle on a Jet Ski. Several yachts in our fleet easily accommodate the transport of one or more smaller watercraft, giving passengers of a yacht charter Marina del Rey to Malibu  the option to independently explore Paradise Cove. These small watercraft also serve as a great way to move between the shore and the yacht.




While the deck of a luxury yacht charter Los Angeles is arguably the best place to view the sunrise over Southern California, Paradise Cove beach and the bluffs overhead are great vantage points for enjoying a west coast sunset later in the day. Yet the best location for general sightseeing in Paradise Cove is without a doubt the Paradise Pier. Those standing on the end of Paradise Pier can admire mile after mile of California coastline on either side, soaking in a comprehensive view of the Santa Barbara Channel.




Of course, those choosing to rent a yacht Los Angeles to Malibu will likely want to make the most of their time onboard their chartered luxury vessel. Paradise Cove serves as a terrific setting for yacht rentals Marina del Rey parties. Maybe it’s a wedding reception, or a Bar Mitzvah, or celebrating someone’s retirement – whatever the occasion, the picture perfect waters of Paradise Cove are a great place to hold the festivities, especially onboard a luxury yacht.


Things to Do in Malibu


As much as there is to see and do in Paradise Cove, those onboard a yacht rental Marina del Rey anchored in the cove are encouraged to explore the greater Malibu area. The top places to visit, explore, and experience in Malibu include:


Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum


Passengers onboard a yacht Malibu sightseeing will inevitably lay their eyes upon the Adamson House, considered the “Taj Mahal of Tile” on account of the decorative tiling found throughout the property. The Adamson House is open to visitors and also serves as the home to the Malibu Lagoon Museum.


Escondido Falls


Located to the north of central Malibu, on the edge of Escondido Canyon Park, the Escondido Falls are breathtaking when flowing strong. The waterfall is well worth the hike to get there, as the canyon route is itself a beautiful sight.


Point Dume State Beach and Preserve


To the southwest of Paradise Cove, Point Dume has some of the most spectacular views in all of Southern California as well as ideal waters for surfing and scuba diving.


Wine Safari


One of the more unique experiences to be had in Malibu are the wine safaris. As the name suggests, visitors climb aboard open safari vehicles and drive through wine country populated by giraffe, zebra, and other exotic wildlife while stopping off for a tasting every few miles.


Zuma Beach


One of the most popular beaches in all of Los Angeles, those chartering a luxury yacht to escape the hustle and bustle might want to steer clear of Zuma Beach. With that said, it’s a popular stretch of sand for good reason. Clean water, pristine beachfront, and beautiful views, just to name a few.


Paradise Cove has certainly come a long way from its fisherman’s village origins, but this tiny seaside community retains a certain kind of blue collar charm you won’t find anywhere else in Malibu. With that said, Malibu and all of its majesty is certainly worth exploring and experiencing, especially for those arriving to town by luxury yacht.