Marina Del Rey

Yacht Rental in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey serves as the main harbor for pleasure yachts in Los Angeles. Popular destinations include Catalina Island, Malibu and the Northern Channel Islands.


yacht rental marina del rey

From the break wall Catalina Island is 26 miles to the Isthmus and 32 miles to Avalon Harbor. Yacht charters departing Marina Del Rey can make it to Catalina in one and a half hours on a yacht such as Breathless 

Marina Del Rey also serves as the main harbor for Malibu yacht charters. Leaving the break wall at Marina Del Rey you can be in Malibu in as little as 45 minutes. During the summer months you can even catch Tuna!

Another prime destination for a Marina Del Rey Charter is the Pacific Palisades. Between King Harbor and San Pedro Rancho Palos Verdes with leave you stunned. Sea cliffs, rise out of the secluded blue water coves which wind in and out the California Coast!

yacht rental marina del rey

Cruising up the coastline on your yacht charter you can expect to run into plenty of sea life. On our yacht charters you are almost guaranteed to see dolphins, whales, sea turtles and occasionally even sharks!

The Marina is home to roughly 6,500 boats, while not every yacht is available for charter we manage a fleet of 20 during peak tines. While its hard to tell today Marina Del Rey wasn’t always here. Several attempts were made at creating a Marina in Los Angeles before finally breaking ground in 1952.

Thanks to its deep main channel Marina plays host to many famous super yachts such as Leight Star, Invictus, Atessa IV, Aquila, Asahi and more. There is not another harbor that can hold these mega yachts until San Diego.

yacht rental marina del rey


The harbor is also home to many recognizable filming locations such as the Break Water, Burton Chace Park and mariners village. Call Southern California Yachting to book your Marina Del Rey Yacht Rental today!


Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals: For The Ultimate Marine Experience

We all deserve to have great moments during our lifetime. Whether you are young or old, you won’t hesitate to grab any moment and have total fun. Even though you can still derive fun by staying indoors, outdoor trips will always give you the exact fun that you are looking for. Would you like to explore the waters and at the same time enjoy the luxury life in the deep sea? Think about renting a yacht in Marina Del Rey. When it comes to exploring the seas, the first thing that you will think about is renting the best yachts. An ideal yacht should be able to fulfill all your fantasies.

Our goal is to make every moment of your excursion lively. We achieve this by providing the best yacht rentals in Marina Del Rey. Our charter yacht will satisfy all your needs and even go beyond your expectations. Whether you are traveling as an individual, as a couple or as a group, you will be able to get all that you want with our yacht rental services in Marina Del Rey. We offer a wide array of services and each of them is meant to take care of your specific needs. With us, you will be sure of satisfying all your wildest dreams.

Day Cruises

Exploring the waters during the day means that you will be able to have a clear view of everything. Those unique features that cannot be seen clearly at night will be fully visible thanks to the natural light from the sun. Day cruises at Marina Del Rey can be the perfect way to spend your day. If you are a novice in the marine world, day cruise will be perfect for you. You will have an opportunity to learn many things and enjoy the scenic view of the beautiful coastline. Day cruises start in the morning and you can take your breakfast while in the boat.

Sunset cruises

The skyline of the Marina Del Rey is extremely beautiful, especially in the evenings. Although you can still view this skyline while on land, being in the water will give you a better angle of view. Relax in your boat as you watch the sun go down in a slow but systematic way. Sounds romantic, right? To enhance the romantic mood, you can take some wine during the cruise. Bringing along your loved one will just take your romantic evening to the next level. Given that evenings can be cold, it is advisable to wear jackets or any other warm clothing.

Wedding cruises

Would you like to make your wedding unique and memorable? Consider having it in Marina Del Rey Harbor. The happiness of the wedding will be boosted by the special marine environment. It will be a fun-filled wedding. You can rent a yacht that will accommodate all your guests and they will be comfortable in it. A wedding cruise also comes with flexibility. You can choose to have your party at any location of your choice. The blue sea, the white sand, and the sea breeze will add some taste into your wedding photos.

Whale watching cruise

Marina Del Rey is rich in a wide range of marine wildlife. One of the wildlife activities that you should do while here is whale watching. Whales are extraordinary animals and you should spare your time to study and explore them. The best way to view these sea giants is through Marina Del Rey yacht rentals in Harbor. From the yacht, you can have a close view of the whales as the yacht is capable of cruising to the exact location of the whales. In addition to whales, you will also have a chance to explore other sea animals such as dolphin\’92s sardines and sea turtles. You will not only have fun, but you will also acquire some knowledge.

Film and photo location

A photo in a yacht will be breathtaking and everyone will love it. The same applies to films and even short videos. If you would like your videos to catch the attention of the viewers, consider shooting them in a yacht. They will love the photos and in case you are using the videos for marketing purposes, the message will be conveyed.

Fishing charters

Are you into sportfishing? The fishing charter is what you need to make this activity successful and memorable. Our fishing yacht vessels are fully licensed and guarantee you maximum safety when you are in deep seas. To make the sportfishing fun, we have fishing yachts that can accommodate large groups. You can even have private parties in these vessels.

Special events

Marina Del Rey yacht rentals in the harbor can be used to host any other special events that you are having. Are you planning to host a memorial service for your special loved one? Make it unique by having it on a yacht. Casual office parties, family get-together, and military burials can be hosted in the yachts.

Enjoy spacious yacht

With a marine yacht charter in Marina Del Rey, you should not be concerned with the issue of space. The yacht can accommodate large groups of people comfortably. There are also additional luxury facilities and amenities that can give you ultimate comfort. The big size of the yacht also leaves room for some level of privacy.

High safety levels

As it is expected, you should be concerned about your safety while in water. Our main goal is to ensure that passengers do not only enjoy their time in the yacht but also they should be safe in the water. While in the yacht, your safety will be under the care of a licensed captain assisted by a team of professional crew. The captain will be able to sail the yacht carefully even when the water becomes hostile. In case you have any issue, just communicate to the crew and you will be given necessary help. They are there to ensure that you have the best experience while in water.

Food and beverages

In case you get tired or you start filling hungry, you can have some food. The luxury charter yacht has ideal storage compartments where food and beverages can be stored.