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We invite you take a tour, cruise the harbor and experience Los Angeles in a different style. Our Yacht rentals in Los Angeles allows for a large selection of 7 to 9 yachts. The LA fleet offers options of beautiful sport yachts, luxury vessels, expeditions, and power yachts. The availability of the Yachts rotate during the season, be sure to contact us right away to begin the planning of your yacht reservation.

Adventures and Excitement Await Aboard One of Our Luxury Yachts in Los Angeles

Though undoubtedly unforgettable in and of itself, a Marina del Rey yacht rental is more than first-class luxury and top-flight service. Our fleet of private yachts currently docked in Los Angeles provide the perfect way to explore one of the most iconic and breathtaking bodies of water in the entire world. Whether it’s a birthday party, office outing, or simply the gathering of a small group of friends, an adventure awaits when they climb aboard a Marina Del Rey yacht rental.


The marina itself is perhaps the most cherished of those along the west coast. Situated against  the Westside of the sprawling LA region, the marina for which Marina del Rey is named offers a centrally located escape route for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of urban life. From there, passengers on board one of Southern California Yachting’s professionally maintained and expertly crewed vessels can depart towards one of a number of world famous destinations found beyond the harbor.


Turn to starboard into Santa Monica Bay and the Malibu coastline lies ahead. This course is a mainstay of our Malibu yacht charters year round, with passengers certain to spot sea lions sunbathing on the outcroppings of the California coast and dolphins bow riding the wake created by the yacht in motion.


Turn port side to head towards the clear water coves of Palos Verdes, known for being the underwater playgrounds of the local dolphin population. This stretch of coastline is also rich with underwater kelp forests which attract several species of sea lion and exotic fish, offering divers a beautiful glimpse into life under the sea.


Or maintain a steady course straight into the Santa Barbara Channel, where whales and sharks roam free in the deep waters between the farthest outlying landmasses of California: the Channel Islands.


How passengers of a Marina del Rey yacht charter get to their destination depends on the vessel. Though each yacht is as well maintained as the next, the fleet is varied in terms of size, style, and accommodation. Relatively small groups seeking a swift but subtle getaway may find perfection in the form of the 72’ Princess Yacht, whereas a large gathering of corporate executives would probably be best accommodated by the 143’ Sun Coast Leight Star complete with helicopter pad.


Southern California Yachting ensures certain aspects remain constant no matter which vessel of the fleet is chosen. Each yacht anchored in Marina del Rey is routinely inspected for signs of necessary repairs, which are undertaken immediately. When in service, each vessel is staffed by qualified crew with the skills and experience to ensure a pleasurable cruise for all passengers aboard. Whether setting out for an afternoon or for a full weekend of adventure, each of our yacht rentals in Los Angeles provides a backdrop of luxury.


Yet as mentioned at the start, the luxury yacht of choice is itself just the beginning of the experience of a yacht rental in Marina del Rey. The waters off Southern California are home to remote islands packed with natural wonders, while the mainland is lined with protected coasts and affluent communities with names instantly recognized around the world. To rent a yacht in Los Angeles for several hours or several days is to have the opportunity to explore these destinations in depth.


In fact it’s easy to get overwhelmed with deciding on where to direct a yacht rental Marina del Rey, since there are simply so many options on the map. We encourage those considering a yacht rental to learn a little about what makes each of these destinations so distinct, which is why we’ve provided some brief background information about our most popular ports of call.


What these waters have to offer


Pleasure cruising along the Southern California coastline and in between its islands has been a privileged past time for about as long as vessels have moved through these waters. Despite a nearly never-ending development of the region from barren landscape to bustling metropolis going back to when Portuguese and Spanish galleons first entered the Santa Barbara Channel, much of the coast and outcropping islands have maintained their original splendor.


The Northern Channel Islands


The Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California are especially significant in maritime history. It is there where archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of seafaring among the peoples of North America, with settlements dated as far back as 11000 BC. While today’s visitors have the benefit of traveling by luxury yacht rather than wooden canoe, the journey over water is a testament to the timeless splendor of the region experienced by humans for thousands of years.


For instance it’s safe to say the ancient fishermen of the region encountered breaching humpback whales and pods of curious dolphins just like we do today. Then, after a day spent catching dinner, these early settlers surely appreciated the beauty of a sun set over the ocean as viewed from the shore, just like we do today.


The five islands of Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara make up the Channel Islands National Park. The surrounding waters in the Santa Barbara Channel are designated as a National Marine Sanctuary. For passengers on board a chartered luxury yacht, these islands offer a seemingly endless series of pristine coastlines to gaze at and numerous exotic marine life to encounter along the way.


Santa Rosa Island


The northern Channel Island of Santa Rosa is the perfect out of the way paradise to drop anchor and explore for several hours. While there is plenty to see and do in just half a day, the island has enough natural beauty to keep a weekend excursion filled with activities.


Note Santa Rosa has no standard accommodations on land; no hotels, no shops, no utilities. If you want untouched California you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately for those arriving by chartered yacht, such amenities are only a few hundred feet from shore.


Visitors to Santa Rosa can find great waves for surfing on the northern shore of the island. For those seeking a more stable footing, hiking trails criss cross the island allowing in depth exploration and observation of the local wildlife. Make it to Vail Peak to enjoy one of the most breathtaking views found in all of Southern California.


Catalina Island


The largest of the southern Channel Islands, Santa Catalina – more popularly known as Catalina Island – is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Southern California. As such, Catalina is the only island in the Santa Barbara Channel with permanent towns settled in its natural harbors.


Most first time visitors to the island typically make their way inland via Avalon, a seaside resort community on the southern tip of the island. There they find all the trappings of a cozy beachside resort.


The smaller and lesser known village of Two Harbors on the island’s isthmus offers a quieter place for a Los Angeles yacht charter to drop anchor. It also serves as a great starting point for exploring the island in depth.


Malibu Coast Line


Undoubtedly one of the most iconic seaside communities along the American west coast and perhaps across the entire world, Malibu is well known for being a homebase to the rich and famous. Such a pedigree of residents wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the natural splendor of this particular stretch of coastline, a feature which is best seen from the upper deck of one our our luxury yachts.


Passengers on board a Malibu yacht rental will get a front row seat for seeing one beautiful beachside paradise after another, with the aptly named Paradise Cove being a popular place for vessels to drop anchor for several hours. Go ashore to mingle with the laid back locals, or perhaps learn some important surfing lessons from the waveriders who flock to Malibu’s beaches. Or, just sit back and watch as mile after mile of gorgeous coastline goes by.


The Coves of Palos Verdes


To the south of Marina del Rey, Palos Verdes is one of the most well preserved coastlines of California. Several nature reserves encompass much of what can be seen from the water, giving passengers on board a Los Angeles yacht rental a series breathtaking vantage points. Upon anchoring in one of the many coves of Palos Verdes, passengers can feel free to explore these protected areas up close and personal before making it back in time to watch the sunset over the ocean with Catalina in the distance.


-Malaga Cove

Off the Palos Verdes Estates, Malaga Cove is the northernmost cove and considered the sandiest of them all. A real beach lover’s dream.


-Bluff Cove

As the name suggests, Bluff Cove is more rocky than sandy, with gorgeous cliffs towering over the beautiful blue waters below.


-Honeymoon Cove

Another cove recognized for its high bluffs, Honeymoon Cove is a great place for a yacht to drop anchor for several hours as passengers view the dolphins and other sea life easily visible in the calm clear water.


-Christmas Tree Cove

While not ideal for sunbathers in search of a sandy beach, Christmas Tree Cove is a premium spot for divers in search of exotic marine life.


-Golden Cove & Pelican Cove

Another great spot for divers is Golden Cove, which also features some of the best tide pools located on the Palos Verdes peninsula. On the other side of the Point Vicente Lighthouse is Pelican Cove, which offers equally stunning underwater environments to explore.


-Abalone Cove & Sacred Cove

The two beaches known as Abalone Cove and Sacred Cove make up the majority of Abalone Cove Ecological Reserve. This stretch of coastline is known for its sand beaches and sea caves.


Santa Monica Bay


You don’t have to go far to have a good time on board one of our luxury yachts. Yacht rentals for Marina del Rey parties take advantage of the metropolitan aura of Los Angeles as seen from a few miles off shore in the Santa Monica Bay. From the point of view of the vessel,  the marina village soon gets lost in the glow of the city once the sun sets, leaving passengers to dine, drink, and dance the night away in a style typically reserved for music videos and movie scenes.


Consider how the neon lights of the Santa Monica Pier provide the perfect backlight for an all night party on the water. Envision the exclusivity of celebrating a milestone on the bow of the 100-foot Barattucci with the skyline of Los Angeles glittering in  the distance. It’s an experience waiting to happen.


Santa Barbara Channel


It’s safe to say those choosing to charter a yacht out of Marina del Rey will have no trouble spotting dolphins and sea lions on their journey. For those who wish to see a slightly more intimidating look at life under the sea, a cruise into the most remote parts of the Santa Barbara Channel is in order.


Depending on the time of year, passengers can easily watch as Pacific gray whales breach the water’s surface on their journey up and down the west coast, which includes a pass through the channel’s lush ecosystem. Humpback whales and blue whales also make an appearance in these waters, proving the channel to be a whale watcher’s dream come true.


Then there are the sharks. Seduced by the high density of the local California sea lion population, great white sharks are known to frequent the waters off the Channel Islands. It may require the stomach to chuck some chum overboard, but few sights compare in terms of shear primal thrill than catching a glimpse of a great white shark breach the surface before once again disappearing into the depths below.


So where to? Don’t feel limited to one destination if a weekend adventure is in the works. There’s an entire array of islands and inlets along the coast of Southern California, all of which are inviting for a chartered luxury yacht anchored in Marina del Rey.

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