Yacht Gas Prices

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How much does it cost to fuel a yacht?

How Much Does It Cost to Fuel a Yacht in Los Angeles?

One of the most commonly asked questions about chartering a luxury yacht is “How much does it cost to fuel a yacht?” Truth be told, it’s actually not a daunting expense to gas up for a few hours, day, or a beautiful week at sea.

Yacht gas prices will vary, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Vessel size – a smaller yacht for an intimate party with friends or afternoon cruise with family will require less fuel than a bigger vessel that accommodates a larger event. Each yacht in our fleet has different fuel tank sizes and number of engines, which also impacts pricing.
  • Distance of your charter experience – consider the fuel requirements necessary for a sunset cruise for a few hours versus an extended trip visiting multiple destinations, such as Newport Beach, Catalina Island, or Malibu.
  • Speed – how fast the yacht travels is a factor in calculating fuel rate, with less fuel being burned at typical cruising speed.
  • Weather – conditions such as wind and currents will also impact engine fuel consumption.
  • Oil prices – yacht gas prices are a reflection of the current oil prices, so the cost to fill up a yacht with gas fluctuates.

How Much is Gas for a Yacht in LA?

Southern California Yachting typically includes fuel cost in our charter rate quote, taking the guesswork out of trying to calculate the price as an extra expense. Note that you may incur an additional fuel cost in the event of an unusual circumstance, such as traveling outside the planned route due to weather or other unexpected events.

Calculating Fuel Consumption for Yacht Charters

How is fuel consumption calculated with yacht charters? While the cost of fuel for a yacht rental will vary, depending on the factors listed above, a good rule of thumb is to typically estimate between 10% and 40% of the charter price. This is only an estimate, however, but should provide a ballpark idea of what to expect.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Yacht with Gas?

 So, how much does it cost to fuel a yacht? We make the answer to this question easy by including it in the full rate quote – leave the yacht mileage calculator estimations to us and we communicate this to you with 100% transparancy. Contact Southern California Yachting at 310-774-1051 or fill out the charter quote request form to discover how we can perfectly personalize your next luxury yacht rental.

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