Luxury Yacht Charters

Have The Time of Your Life With Luxury Yacht Charters

Choosing the right destination can be essential when you are booking a vacation with family or friends. Modern locations offer holidaymakers the opportunity to seek unusual locales as well as different ways to have fun or experience something new. If you are looking for a different type of vacation this year, and want to try something outside of the traditional resort hotel, then you should consider luxury yacht charters. A holiday on a yacht is something completely different from anything you will have experienced before, and can offer you something new and interesting for yourself and your family.

Luxury Yacht Charters

A New Experience Every Day

Perhaps the biggest advantage to renting a luxury yacht is that you can travel out into the ocean and experience new things each day on the vessel. If you are nervous of the water, you can sail gently close to the coast and enjoy the wildlife or try fishing for the day. You can also stop the boat in any location that takes your fancy, heading into the port for a day before going back to the yacht for a relaxing night on the waves.

If you want something more wildly exciting than a safe trip around the bay, then you might want to go further out into the water, exploring places that you have never been before. This is an opportunity to see the usual sights from a different angle. You can try swimming out where the water is clear and blue, or you can simply enjoy yourself in the sun with a few drinks and your family or friends around you. You can choose what you want to do when you rent out a luxury yacht.

Luxury Yacht Charters
Regardless of how expensive the hotel, or how high quality the resort, the location is always the same, and you will never be able to change your view if you lose interest. With a luxury yacht, you get a costly changing view of the world, one minute sailing past sophisticated ports and cities, the next travelling to isolated tropical beaches. The sea and the sky are never the same color, and you get to see everything by simply standing on the deck. With a constantly changing viewpoint, you will never be bored of your vacation, and may never want it to end.

When you go on a vacation to a luxury hotel, you have to constantly be around other people. You meet strangers everywhere, in the hallways, standing in the elevator and even moving past them in the restaurant. They take up your favorite seat in the shade, their kids annoy you and they interrupt your enjoyment of your holiday. Avoid them all with luxury yacht charters that give you splendid isolation without inconvenience or a lack of fun. If you want to meet people, then you can always go into a port fitting, or to go to a nightclub, but as soon as you are bored of the crowd you can simply get back on your yacht and sail off into the night.

The Cost Of Private Charters

Luxury Yacht Charters

The most common type of yacht charters are those dealing with businesses. They might be chartering a yacht in order to host a big company event, or to woo a new client. Businesses can also operate by hiring out yachts and then hosting events on them such as weddings or holiday events. With businesses, it is more likely that yacht will be larger, and that there will need to be additional crews and add-ons included with the original price of the yacht.

If you are interested in renting out a yacht for a brief period of time, such as a vacation, then you may be able to work out the costs more closely. A one-off rental can allow you to spend time with friends exploring LA and the wider California coast; amazing destinations like Catalina Island, Marina del Rey or Malibu. With a family, it is likely that your vessel size will be smaller, and this will make it more affordable. You can discuss your needs with us in order to find out exactly what you would expect to pay for a day or a week charter on a yacht.

Yacht Charters Options

Hiring out a luxury yacht is a great way to entertain yourself in Los Angeles. A popular choice of hobby for celebrities and the wealthy, yachting is also a way to get a taste of that lifestyle, and if you have a special event coming up and want to try something new, luxury yacht charters are one way to get more out of life.

Luxury Yacht Charters

Small Yacht

If you want to try sailing a yacht yourself, there are models that can meet your requirements from around $5500 a day. The 50 foot sport yacht has a helm station, but can also be driven from the fly-bridge, allowing you to spend time with your guests. With a great top speed and easy maneuverability, the engine is quiet but still powerful enough to out range most traditional propulsion systems. The slightly larger 62 foot vessel, from $4500 a day, offers three staterooms with a main deck featuring fully equipped kitchen/galley and a large dining area.

Luxury Yacht Charters

Larger Vessels

If you want to go all out, then larger vessels are perfect for you. At 143 feet, and available for $12,000 for a half day, you can get a massive luxury yacht with professional crew that can support a party or special event for you and several guests. Get private dining with underwater lights, a private sunbathing area and helicopter access to name just a few of the delights of this vessel. For just $7500 a day, you can also try out our hundred foot vessel with modern luxury boat design. You can fit as many as 12 guests in this vessel, and you also get snorkeling and kayaking equipment on board.