luxury yacht rental in newport beach

Go for a Luxury Yacht Rental in Newport Beach, CA

You have a special event that you are planning, and you want to do something that will stand out to you and anyone that attends. Perhaps it is a birthday party, your anniversary, or even a business meeting or incentive you are giving to some of your employees. Special events cry out for something luxurious and outstanding, much more than what you can get by going to a restaurant or hotel. For a day, night or weekend out, you want to go for a luxury yacht rental in Newport Beach, CA.

Your Choice of Beautiful Yachts

At Southern California Yachting, we have access to amazing luxury yachts that you can use for your day trip, expedition or weekend. Each yacht we offer has an experienced and professional crew aboard to take care of the ship for you so that all you and your guests need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy. Yachts are available in a variety of sizes to suit your traveling party, and each ship will help you create unbelievable memories for all involved. You and your guests will be talking about the trip for years to come thanks to all you can have.

luxury yacht rental in newport beach

Perfect Yachts for All Occasions

The luxury yacht rental in Newport Beach, CA that you can arrange with us will be perfect for whatever your occasion may be. If you just want a romantic weekend away, going to the islands nearby, we can do that for you. For those that want to throw a party for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, celebration, or wedding, have your guests on board for half a day or a full day so that can eat, drink, listen to music and have fun.

Let Us Help You Choose a Luxury Yacht Rental in Newport Beach

Here at Southern California Yachting, we can help you with everything you will need for a luxury yacht rental in Newport Beach, CA. You can see just some of the ships we have available now by visiting the fleet pages here on our website. For more information, to book a ship, or to get help making all the arrangements you need, just phone us at 949-430-7319 and our expert staff can assist you with every step. Alternativley, if you prefer to send us a message or make an enquiry, please send us an email to book@southerncaliforniayachting.com and we will get back to you.