Catalina Island

One of the most popular destinations for a Los Angeles yacht rental is undoubtedly Santa Catalina Island, more commonly known as Catalina Island or simply Catalina. Miles of coastline scattered with coves, an interior full of flora and fauna, and two resort towns make Catalina the perfect island paradise, ideal for a Marina del Rey yacht charter whether it lasts half a day or for the whole weekend.


Catalina Island Yacht


22-miles from the shore of the mainland and 22-miles in length, Catalina Island seems to imbue a sense of harmony by virtue of geography, an island getaway embodying the golden ratio. But the reasons for booking a Catalina yacht charter go beyond its splendid spatial dimensions, as the island is a seemingly endless opportunity for adventure.


Here is a breakdown of what Catalina Island has to offer to passengers onboard a Marina del Rey boat rental:



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The unofficial capital of Catalina is unquestionably Avalon, a resort town situated on the southeastern tip of the island. Due to the high density of local attractions and activities, Avalon is a popular place for a Marina Del Rey yacht rental to drop anchor. Passengers making their way ashore will be able to explore and experience a variety of sights and sounds, including:




-Catalina Casino

The most prominent building in Avalon Bay, the Catalina Casino is perhaps the island’s most widely recognized man-made landmark. The iconic architecture is a blend of art deco and mediterranean revival.


-Undersea Expedition

Explore Avalon Bay from the point-of-view of a dolphin by boarding a semi-submersible. This is a great way to examine life under the sea for folks preferring to stay dry, though anyone with claustrophobia may want to think twice before booking a trip, as the submersible is tight squeeze.


-Snorkeling (Lovers Cove)

The best place to catch an up close glimpse of the fish of Catalina, including Garibaldi and Sheep Head, as well as lush underwater forests of kelp and eelgrass. The fish will harmlessly swarm snorkelers, providing great opportunities for underwater photography and video.



-Scuba Diving (Descanso Cove)

Those who always wanted to know what it’s like to scuba dive will get their money’s worth from the underwater adventures embarking daily off Casino Point.



-Catalina Island Museum

Luxury yacht passengers preferring to keep their feet on the ground for awhile are encouraged to pay a visit to the Catalina Island Museum located in Avalon, which offers a variety of interesting exhibits highlighting the history and culture of Catalina.


In addition to being the central source for fun and games on Catalina, Avalon is also where most of the island’s population resides. As such, passengers onboard a luxury yacht charter Los Angeles to Catalina can consider Avalon a place where many of the comforts of the mainland can be found. Forgot to pack a swimsuit or phone charger? Avalon has you covered.


Two Harbors

The “second city” of Catalina Island is Two Harbors, referred colloquially as “The Isthmus” due to being situated at the narrowest point between the two formations which makeup Catalina’s landmass. Two Harbors is in many ways a more secluded and exclusive place for yacht rentals Marina del Rey to drop anchor without being too far away from civilization.


As the name suggests, Two Harbors is divided into two sides separated by land. Isthmus Cove is located on the north end. Catalina Harbor – or Cat Harbor for short – is situated to the south.

Isthmus Cove is in between Fishermans Cove and Fourth of July Cove on either side. Fishermans Cove is home to the University of Southern California Wrigley Science Center, while Fourth of July Cove is neighbored by Cherry Cove. The USC Marine Science Lab holds an open house every Saturday for visitors to attend, while Cherry Cove is home to one of the best out of the way spots for snorkeling.


While Isthmus Cove is wide and open, Cat Harbor is long and enclosed. The land separating the two is the village of Two Harbors, and can be walked across in about ten minutes.

Two Harbors may be known for being the quiet out of the way alternative to Avalon, but the small town still offers visitors a number of amenities, such as a general store and visitors services center. Passengers of yacht rentals from Los Angeles can count on Two Harbors to be both a breathtaking and useful place to drop anchor on their journey.


Lesser Known Bays, Coves and Harbors


For yacht rentals Marina del Rey parties in search of an even more secluded spot to park their chartered vessel, Catalina offers many miles of coastline beyond the shores of Avalon and Two Harbors. Lesser known bays and coves can be found around the entire island. These include:


-Shark Harbor

A cozy little beach occasionally offering great waves for surfers.


-Toyon Bay

Home of Catalina Island Marine Institute, Toyon is a hub of research on the island.


-Willow Cove

Accessible only by boat, Willow Cove is a popular Marina del Rey boat rent destination.


-Moonstone Cove

Paired alongside White Cove, Moonstone serves as a halfway point between Avalon and Two Harbors


-White Cove

White Cove is home to White’s Landing.


-Goat Harbor

Great for boat-in camping for those willing to break away from their yacht for a rugged good time.


-Star Bay

Excellent place for your private yacht rental Los Angeles to drop anchor for a sensational sunset.


-Iron Bound Bay

Peaceful waters wedged in between intimidating sheer cliff face.


-Cabrillo Harbor

Another great boat-in campsite located on Catalina Island.


-Emerald Cove

Considered one of the best SCUBA diving sites in the world.


-Dr’s Cove

Located north of Emerald Cove, an equally impressive underwater setting and popular oceanside campgrounds.


-Cactus Bay

One of the more remote stretches of Catalina coastline, another great spot for a yacht charter Marina del Rey in search of privacy.


-Strawberry Cove

Neighbors Parsons Landing, a popular point of origin for hikes into the Catalina Island interior.


Options for Inland Exploration


Most yacht rentals Los Angeles residents book involve requests for observing wildlife. Yet as much as big city dwellers can catch a glimpse of dolphins, seals, and even whales from the deck of their chartered yacht, passengers headed for Catalina are encouraged to explore the island’s interior if the itinerary allows.


Hiking trails criss cross Catalina Island, linking its many coves and harbors with inland campgrounds. Visitors can spot island foxes slink over the trail ahead in search of an ornate shrew to eat. Or watch American bison graze, the descendants of bison brought to the island for a western filmed during the Silent Era of motion pictures.


Another suggested inland Catalina destination for yacht rental Marina del Rey passengers seeking nature is the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden, named after chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. who played a central role in the development of the island. Visitors will encounter numerous native California plant life in this garden located not far from Avalon.


Santa Catalina Island offers an all-around ideal destination for a yacht charter Marina del Rey experience, whether it’s a day trip around the island or a weekend spent exploring its many treasures. Make a private yacht rental Los Angeles truly unforgettable with a trip to Catalina.