best private yacht charter in los angeles

Enjoying the Best Private Yacht Charters in Los Angeles

Are you looking to do something different for a special weekend with family, friends, or that special person? Do you want to do something decadent and luxurious that will create incredible, lasting memories? You can go well beyond the typical vacation getaways, restaurants or beaches and step up to a yacht rental. The experiences that are available with the best private yacht charters in Los Angeles with us at Southern California Yachting will have you going well beyond the ordinary and experiencing a trip of a lifetime.

Private Staff and Crew for the Best Private Yacht Charters in Los Angeles

If you have been on cruises on large cruise ships before, you are likely impressed with the quality of attention and service you receive. These ships cater to thousands of passengers each week and still pull off good service, so imagine what it would be like for you to have a private crew and staff available to you. You will have an experienced crew to pilot your ship to a variety of destinations for the weekend, or just to take you out into the ocean for the day. You can also get ships that provide you with a private chef to take care of meals for you or arrange for a wait staff and bar for your party.

best private yacht charters in Los Angeles

Private Luxury Quarters and Amenities

The private yacht charters in Los Angeles we offer give you the choice of some amazing yachts with the facilities and amenities perfect for your trip. You will find yachts with incredible luxury accommodations so that you can sleep in style or relax indoors. Many yachts we have provide hot tubs or access to jet skis and paddle boards so that you and your friends can play in the water while out for the day.

Arrange a Private Charter

Setting up one of the best private yacht charters in Los Angeles available from us at Southern California Yachting is quite easy. You can see the fleet we have by looking at the options here on our website. If you have any questions or would like to make arrangements for a charter or need some help choosing the ideal ship and amenities, just phone us at 424-353-3185 and a member of our staff will assist you so you can have a magical trip. Alternatively you can book the yacht charter experience you have always dreamed about by sending an email to book@southerncaliforniayachting.com.