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A Wonderful Birthday with Southern California Yachting

Your loved one or close friend has another birthday coming up soon, and you are trying to think of something special to do to celebrate. You have done the dinner thing where you go out to someplace special, and you have thrown parties at restaurants or your home so often that it seems kind of boring by now. You want to come up with something that will awe and surprise them and drop the jaws of all the guests you invite, but you are not sure just what to do. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to contact us here at Southern California Yachting to arrange for an amazing birthday party at sea.

A Luxury Yachting Experience

We can arrange for you to have the birthday party on one of the beautiful luxury yachts we have available for charter. Whether you want the boat for a few hours to take out to sea and have a party, or you just want to invite a few friends and family and make a spectacular weekend out of the trip is up to you. We have a great selection of vessels you can select from so that you can have the atmosphere and ambiance that will astound everyone that comes to the party.

Southern California Yachting

Helping You Arrange a Yachting Party

At Southern California Yachting, we can help you with all the details that can make your party one people will talk about for years to come. Our expert staff can help you select a vessel, arrange a gourmet menu crafted by a professional chef and staff, have the right music on board for the event, handle decorations, and so much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities so that you can throw a party for the ages.

Talk to Us about Yachting Adventures

To find out more about arranging a birthday party on one of our yachts, just reach out to us here at Southern California Yachting. You can talk to us by calling (310) 341-7961, and we can answer all your questions and help you start making all the arrangements for your event. You can have a birthday party that promises to be one of the best events for everyone involved with our help. If you want to make a booking, please send us your enquiry and details to book@southerncaliforniayachting.com and we will get back to you.