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Yacht Rental Los Angeles
Yacht Rental Los Angeles

Yacht Rental Los Angeles

Southern California Yachting is your premier source for private and luxury yacht charters throughout Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey and all of southern California. We boast one of the largest selection of yachts in the Los Angles county area. Through years of experience in the luxury travel world, our team has been able to leverage relationships with yacht owners to bring you a wide selection of the perfect experience for your next yacht charter adventure. Take a look at our fleet below or browse specifically between Los Angeles Yachts and

yacht rental Marina Del Rey

. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds across the globe for many different events. Some of our yachts have been featured in Hollywood production, or chartered for birthdays, corporate events, and event just scenic trips. Contact us today to speak with one of our travel directors to get your next trip on the books.

We Cater To You

Because everyone’s idea of the ideal yacht excursion is different, our directors work with you on bringing your vision to life. From sunset cruises to party yachts to production yachts to weddings and other landmark celebrations, we make sure you never forget this

Yacht Charter Los Angeles


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Private Yacht Rentals in Los Angeles

Welcome to Southern California Yachting and welcome aboard. It’s time to go off the grid, pack your bags, and get ready to relax within the sumptuous luxury of one of our yacht charters. When it comes to your next party boat rental, we’ve got the yachts and party favors. You can keep it going all night with your expanded circle of friends or stargaze with your favorite companion in an intimate setting. Setting out for a day excursion or for the whole week on one of our magnificent yachts for the ultimate sailing experience. With your hair streaming in the wind, the sea breeze caressing your face, and the Vincent Thomas Bridge fading from sight, you’re all set for one of your life’s most memorable occasions.

Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles

What would it cost to rent a yacht in Los Angeles? This depends on the size of the yacht and how long you want to rent the yacht for. More importantly, you need to consider the luxury quotient as well. Your dream yacht getaway may include a world-class chef and well-stocked bar. Your adventure may bring you profoundly beautiful scenery that pumps your adrenalin and stimulates your joy. Speaking of, other entertainment you may consider include live DJs, music and karaoke for the crooners and dancers in the crowd, or if you just want to be low-key and chill, we’ve got tech hookups to widescreen TVs, laptops, and surround sound systems, with HD and satellite options for the ear-splitting fun or melodies that can lull you to sleep at the end of the night.

So, forget about mulling over how much is it to rent a yacht and focus on having a great time. We at Southern California Yachting are one of the leading yacht rental charters in Los Angeles and Orange County. We make sure that you catch more than just a glimpse of the magnificent marina and are consistently and instantly gratified all the way to the Channel Islands. Some of our other yacht charters include trips to Santa Barbara and journeys to the always-enchanting and elegant city of Avalon of the Catalina Islands.

Exclusive Yacht Rentals in Los Angeles

Breathe in the fresh, salty air and brace yourself for a fun-filled day of activities, like a swim off a hidden bay or drench yourself in the sun on a private and sublime beach. You know we can’t resist saying there’s a boatload of fun waiting for you at some of the best sea resorts we have shortlisted in the Catalina Islands, where you can get intimately acquainted with the serenity of your surroundings. Fun in the sun all day to the thrill of the evening, where you can salute the setting sun and sip a champagne cocktail and clink all drinks in cheers to your group of merry-makers. No one really can say what delights the night might bring but what we can say is, what happens on our yachts stays on our yacht. Keep your adventure to yourself if you want or shout it out loud from the rooftops—no judgment. What we can say is that we keep our yacht charter packages in LA and all over competitively priced so more awesome individuals have access to them. And we want you to come back. And tell your friends about us!

Birthday Yacht Charters

If you’ve had enough garden variety birthdays and are looking for a unique way to celebrate the birthday of a loved one or favorite friend, consider our Marina Del Rey boat rentals. Just imagine their surprise as they are walked to their birthday party that just happens to be—on a yacht! The immediate question that comes to mind is “what are the options for best yacht rentals near me?” After all, birthdays come but once a year and are so special to you and your dear friends, so why not have a bash on board a luxury yacht that doesn’t break the bank? Southern California Yachting offers birthday yacht charters that make an extraordinary venue for birthday shenanigans. You can choose any of our yachts for your birthday party and come back every year if you’re so inclined.

What’s more is we have some very detail-oriented and organized people who can help you plan and execute the perfect birthday bonanza yacht charter. When you come to Southern California Yachting, you can be sure you’re dealing with one of the top yacht management companies. Simply relax on the deck and glide through the smooth, blue ocean with the palm trees in the background. Get the best of a gourmet menu to pick and choose from, and a selection of music to match the mood. The decor and ambiance of the interiors and the fine detail of the decks will have you and your friends floored, making this birthday bash off the charts and brought up again and again.

To learn more about how easy and economical it is to rent a yacht in California for your upcoming birthday, click here.

Corporate Yacht Charters and

Yacht Management

Did you know that conducting a business meeting on board a yacht can be a lot more productive and beneficial? If you’re wondering about how to go about booking California yacht rentals for your clients or staff, you don’t have to look any further. You can book a boat for an entire day or part of the day, and you don’t have to do lift a finger to manage your yacht as we have yacht crews with serious experience under their belts.

Choose from any of our luxurious yachts that are fully equipped and are great for hosting business meetings. Leave the organizing part and the event-management tasks to us, as we have experienced teams to handle such cruises at very short notice. When it comes to boating rentals for a corporate event at sea, we provide the perfect solution with the right ambiance to create the desired mood. Whether it is for a boat rental in Santa Monica or a boat rental in Malibu, we’ll take you all over Southern California and beyond.

There’s nothing like natural daylight and the fresh sea breeze to set the mood for the perfect business meeting. People are normally in a great mood while at sea and you’ll be surprised to find that your business associates are a lot more genial and cooperative, not to mention appreciative. There is many a deal clinched with the shimmering waters in the background and the soft sea breezes underscoring the high success rates. Once you get the business out of the way, it’s a pure pleasure cruise.

We like to make private yacht rentals in California accessible to a wider array of people, and if your motive for renting a yacht in LA is for business, just consider this the investment that will pay itself off. So don’t sweat it when you are mulling over the question “how much is it to rent a yacht”? Trust us, there aren’t many ways for building up morale and corporate culture better than treating your staff to a yacht cruise on the finest of summer days.

Yachting can be a very collaborative experience where everyone is eager to participate in whatever small way possible. With yacht charter prices not being frightfully expensive anymore, the demand for California boat rentals is on the rise. You’ll be surprised at the positive effect such a yacht cruise can have on your employees, which will show in increased productivity and better bonding between them. They’ll certainly look forward to another corporate cruise in the near future.

Wedding Venue with a Difference

How would you like to sail down the aisle for a change? Exchanging wedding vows aboard a luxury yacht is probably going to be the best memory you can cherish throughout your life. Our luxury yacht has all the trappings of opulence and ambiance that cannot be found at any other venue ashore. Stun your friends and family with the breathtakingly plush décor and the matching romantic mood set off by the setting sun. Get away from the humdrum of wedding venues on terra firma that can become boring in no time. Rent a yacht in Los Angeles and enjoy your honeymoon at one of the most romantic sea resorts in the Catalina Islands and give your new partner the most unforgettable experience ever.

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At Southern California Yachting we are at an even keel when it comes to giving the best experience to our customers. Having been at sea for years we are more at home on the water than on land. Whether it is a business cruise or your wedding plans taking shape, or a birthday bash that has you blowing out candles mid-sea, charter a premium luxury yacht from Southern California Yachting. You not only get value for your money, we make you feel so much at home that you’ll almost start believing that you own the yacht.

Hang out on the deck, go kayaking along the coast, explore the thrilling underwater caves, explore the wrecks and look for the mystical treasure chests, or just loll around the pristine virgin beaches. Who knows, you may just run into the patch-eyed pirate singing Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of rum or finally get to meet the mystical mermaid. We make almost all your marine dreams come true at the drop of a sail. Stop wondering about how much is it to rent a yacht and call us to make it happen. You can promise yourself one of the life’s golden moments.